Diversity & Inclusion

We advocate equal rights and opportunities.

For diversity and inclusion. Against exclusion.

For us, diversity and inclusion means recognizing and valuing difference and individuality. Our goal is to create a working environment that is free of prejudice and shows the same high regard for all employees - regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, religion and ideology, and sexual orientation and identity.

Happy Diversity Month 2024


Against this backdrop, ProSiebenSat.1  signed the Charta of Diversity in 2014 and follows the guidelines set out in it. We thus underline our commitment to creating a working environment that is free of prejudice and exclusion and concretely promotes diversity among employees.

Our internal guidelines also stipulate that employees at all hierarchical levels should be recruited exclusively on the basis of objective criteria and promoted solely on the basis of their competencies. We pursue the goal of promoting the diversity of our workforce and, in accordance with the guiding principle for the Diversity field of action, of working for equal rights and equal opportunities.

Charta der Vielfalt
Charta of Diversity