The "Flexible" model - with Cécile

Cécile and her team Talent Acquisition have jointly decided on the "Flexible" work model. In this interview, she reveals what working with this model looks like and what she particularly likes about it.


In order to establish a modern, hybrid working environment and to consider the most diverse requirements and needs, we have developed the four models On Campus, Traveller, Flexible and Highly Remote together with our employees. Each department decides on one of these working models and thus designs its own individual working concept. But what exactly does this look like?

In this blog post, we present the Flexible model in more detail. Cécile Venzlaff, Lead Recruiter Entertainment, gives an insights into why this model is the right choice for her Talent Acquisition team, what role coffee dates play in this and how she optimally divides her days between campus and home office.

You can find all information about hybrid working at ProSiebenSat.1 as well as details about the other working models here


Why did you decide on the "flexible" model as a team?

Our daily work includes a good mix of virtual, hybrid and on-site appointments. The "flexible" model is therefore ideal for us in the recruiting team. It allows us to conduct virtual appointments, such as initial interviews with candidates, from home. In order to focus optimally on the candidates, we would have to book a quieter room on campus. On the other hand, it is also important that we meet with the team and all other interfaces (especially the departments) on site. Recruiting is a people business - spending enough time on campus is therefore also essential for networking.

How do you live this model in concrete terms? 

We have decided on a model in which we are in the office two days a week on average. There are weeks in which we have many appointments on site and weeks  we are more concerned with the search for candidates. We can do this very well from home. In concrete terms, this means that in some weeks we are in the office up to five days and in others not at all. We also have a few hybrid team meetings every week and one team day per month when the entire Talent Acquisition team meets in the office. On this day, the focus is on team spirit. That's why it's important for us to have few appointments so that we can spend more "quality time" with the team.

What are the advantages of this model?

In recruiting, we are heavily dependent on other departments. Above all, the exchange with hiring managers is very important. For this reason, we do not have fixed office days and can therefore adapt to our hiring managers. The flexible model offers us the advantage that each recruiter can plan his or her weeks individually, taking into account the issues at hand. Of course, coffee dates and lunch together are an essential part of our daily work. That's another reason why we all agree very well when we meet on site. (laughs)