The "Highly Remote" model - with Tom

Tom Schwarz and his team at Seven.One AdFactory have jointly decided on the "Highly Remote" working model. Tom reveals in an interview how the model is lived out in practice. 

In order to establish a modern, hybrid working environment and to consider the diverse requirements and needs of our colleagues, we have developed the four models On Campus, Traveller, Flexible and Highly Remote together with our employees. Each department decides on one of these working models and thus designs its own individual working concept. But what exactly does this look like?

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the Highly Remote model, as Tom Schwarz, Managing Director of Seven.One AdFactory, reveals how his team lives this model.

You can find all information about hybrid working at ProSiebenSat.1 as well as details about the other working models here


Why did you decide on the "Highly Remote" model as a team?

In fact, we agreed very quickly that the "Highly Remote" model totally fits to our way of working. We as Seven.One AdFactory see ourselves as ab"free radical" within the group. (laughs) It is in our DNA, the way we work and the nature of our colleagues that we need the greatest possible flexibility. In addition, from a purely technical point of view, we can work just as well at home as in the office. We want to take all the advantages we have felt in the last few months with us and even expand them. But we also want to make sure that we meet on campus, because this is very important for exchange, culture, communication and creativity.

What concrete advantages does this model bring you?

The Seven.One AdFactory is the personified interface within the group. We have many threads and trades that need to be coordinated. In order to succeed in this, we have to reconcile the most diverse meetings with the most diverse stakeholders. The last few months have shown that this works very well remotely, because we save a lot of time when we no longer have to run back and forth between the individual rooms at the campus in Unterföhring. (laughs) That is a clear improvement.

How do you live "Highly Remote"?

It is very important to us that we can react flexibly and quickly to any changes. So we work mostly remotely and on average less than one day per week on campus. But: We are also heterogeneous within the AdFactory. Some colleagues need more time on campus and the "Highly Remote" model allows these employees to be in the office more often. In addition, we place great emphasis on culture. For example, we have a bi-weekly meeting, a kind of small all-hands with all colleagues at the AdFactory, where we want to encourage exchange. We want to be together in the office for this meeting. It's important for us to see each other physically at regular intervals and to have a coffee. We continue to cultivate this, because it is often the source of our creativity - this is where we get our ideas.