Journalistic Trainees

Would you like to work behind the scenes of "The Voice of Germany" or create exciting content for our online and social media channels?

More than "something with media"

Do you prefer to impart knowledge through a captivating TV report? You know what is important in the communication of a company? Then you should apply for a journalistic trainee programme at ProSiebenSat.1!

A journalistic trainee programme with us usually lasts 24 months. You will spend 18 months in your home department where you will be responsible for your own projects. Depending on the type of journalistic traineeship, you will be trained in one of our editorial departments or specialist teams or get to know different areas and interfaces within the framework of a generalist journalistic traineeship.

Our understanding of development:

As a volunteer, you will take part in training measures in which we train both the journalistic craft and content from the field of media design. In a basic training block, you will receive an all-round knowledge package on the topics of media law, media ethics, copywriting, storytelling, voice & sound, cross-media narrative forms, production and post-production. In further (optional) trainings, courses or subject-specific projects, you have the opportunity to further your education beyond the basic training block.

All of our young talents are supported by a specialist mentor during their training. Whether it's technical or organisational matters - the colleagues are always ready to listen to you and give you advice and support.An HR contact person and a manager from the specialist department support all our Young Talents during their training. Whether technical or organisational issues – colleagues are always ready to listen and to help you with words and deeds.

Journalistic traineeship in TV, PR, Communication, eSports & advertising film production

During your journalistic traineeship, you will mainly work in your editorial office or your department and be responsible for your own projects. The programme normally lasts two years and offers you the opportunity to rotate to other areas. In addition to a compulsory basic training block, you will also have the opportunity to take part in many other training and networking events during your traineeship.

Structure and examples of a journalistic traineeship (in the areas of TV, PR, corporate communications, advertising film production, eSports, DOSB, digital newsroom):

  • 17 months core department
  • Three months rotation (incl. optional four weeks external job shadowing)
  • Five weeks basic training block as well as further optional trainings
  • Business mobile phone
  • 30 days holiday per year
  • Salary of 24.000€ per year

Possible rotations (examples):

  • RedSeven (show or factual productions).
  • TV editorial department (e.g. taff, Galileo, die akte, Abenteuer Leben, red!)
  • Online editorial office (content creation)

Journalistic traineeship Digital Content

In this multimedia journalistic traineeship, you will learn about the entire process of creating digital content - from conception and creation to targeted playout. Depending on the focus you choose, you will conceptualize, create and stage fascinating digital content (creation) or be predominantly involved in the targeted playout of digital content, e.g. via websites, apps, Smart TV, Google, YouTube or social media (operations). In the second year of your journalistic trainee, you can choose from many different rotation options, observe and specialize in consultation with your supervisor. During your traineeship, you will have the opportunity to participate not only in a mandatory basic training block, but also in many other training and networking events.

Structure and examples of a Digital Content traineeship:

  • Eleven months of assignment in your focus area: creation or operations
  • Three months rotation in the other focus area: creation or operations
  • Six months of rotation in other areas (incl. optional 4 weeks of external job shadowing)
  • Five weeks of basic training block and other optional trainings
  • Business mobile phone
  • 30 days holiday per year
  • Salary of €24,000 per year

Possible rotations beyond mandatory areas (examples):

  • Podcast Factory
  • Content ReCreation
  • TV editorial department (e.g. taff, Galileo, die akte, Abenteuer Leben, red!) or station

Your qualifications

A completed degree or comparable qualification. First practical experiences in relevant areas and enthusiasm for the respective topics as well as the media industry.

How you can apply

Your application will be submitted via our job portal. There you will find all currently advertised journalistic trainee programmes. 

If your profile matches the requirements of the position in question, we will first invite you to a short video interview to get to know you better as it is very important to us to better get to know as many applicants as possible. If you have convinced us in the video interview, we will invite you to a recruiting day in the next step, where you can convince us of yourself in practical tests and in a personal interview.

Your career as a journalistic trainee

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