According to P7S1, an open-minded company climate with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity enables employees not to have to hide an important part of their personality. Applicants also see LGBTIQ* commitment as a measure of the openness of the corporate culture.

We are PROUD!

Launched as an employee initiative, PROUD is P7S1's LGBTIQ network. Our goal is to further promote an inclusive corporate culture, give the community a voice, and position ourselves as an employer as well as the employer brand. The network is managed by a project team with a grassroots approach. PROUD is thus an essential asset for bringing diversity to life in the Group.

PROUD at CSD Munich for the first time!

A day all about tolerance: On Saturday, July 16, 2022, Munich's city center turned into a sea of rainbows. For the first time, PROUD was also represented with a float and it filled us with great pride to be part of the CSD under the motto "Proud to be here. Proud to be queer." to celebrate our diversity together with our network. 

Because we live and love diversity - every day. The PROUD network has already paved the way in recent years through many great actions to further promote an inclusive corporate culture, and to give the community a voice. Insights from this great day can be found here: